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Senior Portrait Price and Information

We do not shoot the stuffy forced posed studio senior photographs like some photographers do. Our fashion inspired rural and urban senior sessions are always on-location photo shoots at multiple locations and as many clothing changes as you like (as long as it fits in the time frame you chose). We like to shoot seniors in a variety of poses and settings. Don't settle for ordinary senior photographs. Here is your chance to have senior pictures unlike your fellow classmates. Be unique… be different…be YOU!

Senior Shoot $60+pictures
1.5 hour on-location photo shoot.
Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Photos taken
Unlimited Clothes

If you need more time to fit in all your locations or clothes, the extended shoot adds an additional hour to the shoot for only $45 more. This lets you really show off your style!

CD of your images:
High res: If you desire a high resolution CD suitable for prints of your images, they are available for $400 (without ordering any prints) or $200 with an order at least 2 poses and purchase at least a total of $50 minimum. You will receive a sign copy right release statement so you may use or print them elsewhere.

4x6 $4.00
5x7 $8.00
8x10 $12.00
11x14 (includes single weight board) $40.00
16x20 (includes double weight board) $64.00
16x24 (includes double weight board) $74.00
20x30 (includes double weight board) $150.00
1 Sheet of Wallets (4 per sheet) $4.00
5 Sheets of Wallets (for a total of 20 wallets of the same pose) special senior price of $15.00 (savings of $5)

Session Preparation
• Bring whatever you want, but here are some suggestions. Variety! Bring at least 3 changes of clothes or more if you are adding the additional hour. Jeans is always a good way to start. Don't forget to accessorize. Bring bold accessories such as shoes, boots, heels, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, scarfs, etc... Dressy clothes, funky clothes, suit & tie, and prom dresses are all great. Try to stay away from strips! Try to stick with solid colors or simple patterns. These pictures are a reflection of your personality, so most important be yourself! You can wear logos but what’s in style now may not be in 10-20 years.

If you have any complexion issues, use makeup to correct the issues as best as you can. Some corrections can be made, but it may not be 100%.
Having your hair, makeup, and nails done professionally prior to the shoot always is a plus! Bring lipstick, powder for touch ups and apply a little more mascara than usual when getting ready.
Plan your wardrobe well in advance. Look in a full length mirror and see how it looks. Think about what accessories you can add to enhance the outfit. If you are fashion clueless -- get help from a fashionable friend or a sales associate at a trendy clothing store (Shhh…your secret is safe with us). The most important thing... bring your personality and be ready to laugh and to have fun!





* Photographer will travel up to 20 miles from office location for free. After that it will be $.40 cents per mile for West TN, certain parts of Northern MS and certain parts of Southern KY. All other areas will be $.60 per mile, plus a $30 vehicle maintenance fee.

**Client must secure location themselves and any fees that might occur in doing so.


Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are final. Pictures may look different from computer to computer due to computer settings. Some pictures may be cropped during ordering process to the lab to fit into the frame of the size you order. Not responsible for any damages or injuries.

Kristin Turman Photography has the right to use negatives and/or reproductions for display, publications, or other purposes. Negatives, images, and previews remain the property of Kristin Turman Photography. Orders must be paid in full before order is placed to the lab. There will be a $20.00 fee for all returned checks. NOTICE OF COPY RIGHT: It is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce images in any way unless premission has been granted by Photographer and studio.