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Weapon of choice: Canon 7D and Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash

Weaknesses: Twizzlers

Favorite color: Burnt Orange

Personality type: Happy and laid back

Location: Where ever you may need me. I travel no matter how far.


Why am I photographer? That's simple! I love it! To me it is more than a's art that I just happen to capture through a lens.

Favorite thing to shoot: There are so many, but I really do have 3 favorites. I love nature, seniors and my absolute favorite is weddings. Weddings are so wonderful! For 4-7 hours I get to totally forget about all my problems and bask in the happiness of bride and groom. Happiness is contagious you know!

Editing time: Typically it takes 2-3 days for normal sessions. Weddings typically take around 2 weeks.

Lab turnaround time: After order has been placed pictures are received between 24-48 hours. Coffee table books usually take 3 days to receive from lab.

Who is Kristin Turman? I was born and raised in Crockett Co. Tennessee, but moved to Jackson in 2006 because of my autistic son therapy needs. I have been oil painting since 1999 and have 2 paintings over seas, 1 in England and 1 in Malaysia. I started sculpting in 2006 and have been taking pictures since I was 4 years old, although in my first picture I cut the head off my father (shhhh...). I remember taking my little pink 110 camera to elementary school and having my friends pose. I've been taking pictures for years for family and friends and after getting tired of hearing everyone complain about how expensive photographers were, I decided to start my own affordable photography business in 2007 and have been going strong ever since. Having children myself, I know how time consuming it is getting everyone ready to go to a photography studio...that's why I come to you!

Why come to us when I can come to you? I am an on location photographer. I can set up my equipment anywhere! I can set up in your home, a friends house or even a local park. Being in a more comfortable environment makes picture taking a lot more fun and a lot less stressful!

I was recently voted into the top 50 out of 18,000 people in the Capital One photo contest in 2009!

Kristin Turman Photography is located in Jackson, TN, but have served areas in TN, KY and MS. KTP will travel no matter how far. The wedding of your dreams include a castle in England or a sandy beach in Mexico? You're in luck! Have passport will travel!


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Cell: 731-298-6742